Thank you for your great services.
Xusheng Wang and Xiao Han - Silverlake - Pearland, TX

What a wonderful experience!!  This is the first time we have sold a home and were very nervous about the whole process.  Kathye was there every step of the way to answer questions and guide us.  The process could not have been any smoother.  Thank you for everything! - M. Yeatts - Cabot Cove - Pearland, TX

I recently had to sell a house in League City, TX, and Kathye Warfield did an incredible job for us.  This was a 30-year old house which had almost no upgrades or modernizations, so I expected it to take quite a while to sell and had resigned myself to the probability that I would have to accept a low offer in order to sell it.  I was amazed that thehouse was sold in about 6 weeks, and for $5k ABOVE our list price.  Kathye and her team were always responsive and professional - I was extremely pleased with the entire process as well as the results.  M. Singleton - The Landing - League City, TX

We selected Kathye as our Local Pearland Realtor back in 2006 when we were buying/selling homes in the area.  Kathye stood out as someone that knew Pearland and the market trends better than the other 5+ Realtors we vetted.  Because of her group's home staging advice and overall marketing, we were able to receive 3 offers on the home we were selling in the first month of listing and subsequently sold our home at a premium market value well above the amount that the other Realtors wanted us to list our home.  Over the past couple years, Kathye has been there to quickly respond and provide me with extremely detailed market analyses that I needed as we took advantage of historically low interest rates by refinancing our current home.  I feel very grateful to have someone that I can turn to here in Pearland like Kathye.  Many Thanks! -  Kirk Shepherd - Villages at Mary's Creek, Pearland

Working with Kathye Warfield is to entrust your greatest financial asset to a team thoroughly knowledgeable about the Pearland real estate market, the profile of prospective buyers who will interested in your home's floor plan, and the nuances of negotiating the contract.  Kathye was straightforward, honest and responsive - every quality you'd wish for in your Realtor Team.  L & J, Autumn Lakes, former 9-year Pearland Residents

Kathye, When an old friend of ours asked to suggest a Realtor to sell their home in Pearland, we didn't have to think twice.  Based on our experience with your team and others in the Houston area, we referred you with confidence and even said they wouldn't find anyone better than you!  My friends have now sold their home and they were very thankful that you worked with them to make the entire process as smooth and effortless as possible.  I think you have a special skill here...helping with out of town clients, in making their life easy with handling everything related to selling their properties.  Trust Kathye and leave with no worries!  

I am very glad to hear that all your hard work and client dedication keeps you the top notch Realtor in Pearland.  We'll be very happy to refer your team to anybody again and again, and again.  Regards, -  S.K. - Silverlake Seller

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank you again for the great help.  It has been very professional, smooth and efficient.  Also, I really appreciate for the extra help for arranging the extra tasks, e.g. lawn service, cleaning the property, blinds, just to name a few.  I will definitely work with your team for future purchases.  I am another very satisfied client, if I have friends looking for properties there, I will surely recommend your team to them. - Ken Tsoi - Silverlake and Sunrise Lakes Buyer

Please accept this letter as high praise and a recommendation for Kathye Warfield.  Kathye has handled several residential and commercial transactions for us (from $100,000 to $700,000) as both the buyer's agent and as the seller's agent.  We have found her and her staff to be extremely knowledgeable, always accessible, and easy to work with.  They always seemed to know exactly what we needed before we did.

Besides being a joy to work with, Kathye Warfield is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits.  You will not be disappointed in choosing her as your agent! - Kathryn M. Thompson, Vice President, Parkwood Properties, Inc. - Friendswood, Texas 

Kathye Warfield was our agent when we sold our home in Pearland, Texas.  It was the first time we had ever sold a home, and needless to say, we had a lot of questions about the process.  Kathye was very patient with all of our questions and walked us through each step.  She gave us advice on staging, pricing and has even referred us to another agent in the state to which we are relocating.

She was very professional and knowledgeable, and also very friendly and personable.  Thanks to her expertise, we were able to sell our home one month after it went on the market!  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is selling or buying a home.  - Jennifer Booker-Smith and Jason Smith - Banbury Cross, April 2008 

To Whom It May Concern:

I am John Jacob, health care provider by profession.  I met Ms. Kathye Warfield in September 2007, after a disappointing six months being my house was unsold, which was listed with another real estate agency.

After I signed the contract with Ms. Warfield and her team became my agent, the clients started showing up from the following weekend and I could tell this gladly that the total number of showings were more than with my previous agent in six months period.  It only took 4 weeks.

I firmly believe the real estate business is all about good communication and good marketing strategies, namely the maximum exposure of a property to the vast number of people in a short period of time.  In my case, Ms. Warfield and her team did that to my satisfaction and with integrity.

I would certainly recommend Ms. Warfield and her team for your real estate needs.  - John Jacob, Shadow Creek Ranch

Recommendation of Kathye Warfield

I have known Kathye for many years and I am delighted to write a letter of recommendation for her.  She has always been a great aunt to me and my brothers, but only two years ago was I able to work with her professionally as she guided me through one of the biggest decisions of my life, my first Home Purchase!

Kathye is a kind and caring person.  She has a straightforward and honest approach to her work, business and family.  She takes a genuine interest in others and how she can help them. 

 I was very anxious about what I could afford and what house would be right for me.  She patiently explained the ins and outs of mortgages, contracts and other financing options.  On our closing day, her detailed scrutiny of the paperwork left no doubt that I was making a good decision.  Her knowledge of the real estate business gave me every confidence that I was in good hands.

I know that Kathye will make your interests her first priority.  Her dedication to her work and her dependability make her an excellent choice for your agent.  I have no reservations about giving her my highest recommendation.  If I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to call. - John Ostermann, Regional Account Manager, Vascular Solutions 

Dear Kathye,

My husband and I were moving to San Francisco and needed a fast, smooth sale of our home.  Even back in 2006, we were worried about the housing market, as we saw new homes going up all over the place near us, and older homes in our neighborhood on the market for 6 months at a time.  We chose you due to your character and your reputation, and we're glad we did.  You came in with experience, confidence, attention to detail, and kindness, all of which we believe helped us get our place staged and sold in one month.   We credit our success to you, as you gave us invaluable advice on how to stage our home and how to handle multiple offers.  I also believe that your strong reputation among other agents and your negotiation skills helped us retain credibility among the other agents. so that their clients knew we would strive for a quick and clean sale.  In the end, we found that working with you was like working with a family member who only had our best interest at heart and had the tools to get us what we needed.  We recommend you highly and without any reservation! - Natalie and Jason Babler - Pearland/Houston area Seller

I have known Kathye Warfield in both a professional and personal capacity for the past ten years, and would highly recommend her as your Realtor.  I met Kathye while I was working for a homebuilder in Pearland, Texas, when she brought a prospective client to me.  While Kathye was clearly working in the best interest of her client, I found her to be very professional and knowledgeable, and I appreciated her honesty and integrity.  On several occasions I ws able to give her listings for the builder, which she helped me to market and sell.

Over the years, I have referred numerous clients to Kathye, all of whom have commented back to me on her strong work ethic, her warm personality, and her professionalism.  I have always been proud to refer Kathye Warfield, because I know that her actions will protect my professional reputation.

I recently sold my own personal home with Kathye Warfield.  While the process was very stressful for me in that I did not want to move, Kathye was able to keep a cool head and a realistic perspective, where I could not.  I deeply appreciate her friendship.  Kathye is a consummate professional and a very dear friend. - Elizabeth Penn Adair - Seller - Towne Lake Estates 

Kathye, You are most definitely an expert in your field.  My home purchase was far from your largest sale, but you held nothing back.  I love my new house and I want to thank you for holding my hand until it was mine.  I would recommend your services to anyone.  - Stacy Brown - Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Kathye Warfield.  Her professionalism and dedication did nothing but impress upon my wife and I that we would never attempt to use anyone else for real estate needs.

Our move to the Houston area came on very short notice.  My company was relocating me.  Fortunately, we found Kathye on the internet.  We contacted her, told her what we were looking for and gave her two weeks to gather some information.  When we arrived in Houston to view some properties, it happened to be the weekend hurricane Rita was expected to have hit Houston.  We had only that weekend to make a decision.  Although the city was virtually empty, Kathye did her absolute best to show us as many properties as we could gain access to.  She spent her entire weekend with us making sure we didn't leave town still having questions.  By Sunday afternoon, we still had not made a decision.  My wife and I were feeling pretty frustrated when we were going through some listings material Kathye had printed for us looking at information on homes we had opted not to look at.  My wife found a house in the listings she wanted to see.  We called Kathye and although it was Sunday evening, Kathye was able to contact the sellers' representative and get us in to see the house.  We made an offer on the home that night.  Two and a half years later, we still love our house and know we made the right decision.  In the middle of a near crisis for us, it was Kathye's calm and paatience that led us to the right decision. - Chris Hall, Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

It was random (good) luck that brought us to Kathye Warfield.  We needed advice and found her through the local yellow pages in Pearland.  I just wanted to talk to someone.  Kathye was very understanding and even though I was not ready to be a client, she took the time to offer very helpful advice.  Kathye and I emailed and talked many times and our long distance friendship grew.  We never actually met her until about a year later.   We often received seasonal greeting cards and even one cent stamps as stamp prices increased.  The sheet of penny stamps was a unique thoughtfulness that was indicative of Kathye’s personal touch.  Actually, Kathye’s greeting cards are usually the first ones we received for every holiday during the year. 

When we decided to put our house on the market, we had no doubts of who to call.  It was funny to meet Kathye after “knowing” her for so long.  We all laughed about that at our first agent/client meeting.  We signed a contract and Kathye got the ball rolling.  We used Kathye’s advice and “staged” our home.  It looked like a model home and we received several comments on how it showed.  Our home sold within a few weeks (can’t remember, but it was fast) and Kathye was there every step of the way.  So in a nutshell, Kathye is our Realtor, she is who we recommend and she is someone that we call our friend. - 

Jeff and Michelle Cardenas - Pearland Buyers and Sellers

Dear Kathye, We enjoyed working with you again.  Thank you very much for all that you do!! - Zein, George & Gabriella - Bay Glen Sellers, Seabrook Buyers 

My husband and I were first-time homebuyers and had no idea what we were doing - she took us every step of the way and then some!  Thank you guys for everything!  :-) - Amanda and Justin Rogers - Banbury Cross 

Kathye was wonderful to work with. Our time to look at houses was limited and she really made the most of it. She made the experience very simple even for a first time home buyer. I highly recommend Kathye to anyone searching for a home.  Jared Hamilton - Silverlake

I am writing to commend the efforts of one of your Realtors, Kathye Warfield.  Not only does Kathye work diligently to get the job done, she is very particular to go by the rules and inform her client of such.  I have had two other experiences with Realtors and never once did I receive the professionalism I received while working with Kathye.  The entire time I worked with Kathye she did an exceptional job.  I never had to worry about a call back.  She's great and I look forward to working with her again in the future!  Tammie Davidson

....What a wonderful experience it has been to deal with someone who never gave up her attempt to find exactly what I was searching for in a home.  Her perseverance has been most unusual.  She must be the most organized person I've ever met.  ...What was in my best interest always came firs...  I can't believe I was so lucky to find someone so fabulous.  This has been such a pleasure to have been associated with Kathye and I feel compelled to make sure that others are made aware of this outstanding individual.  - Kelly Farmer - Pearland, Texas

Thanks so much for your professional advice on selling our home.  Your vast knowledge of the real estate business and the Pearland area helped us sell our home in such a short time!  We want to thank you for your prompt attention to our questions and needs.  You are the greatest and we will highly recommend you to our friends.  - Terri and Noah Blizzard - Park Village Estates - Pearland, Texas

Thanks so much to your team for making purchasing our first home a smooth process! We are so thankful for all of your efforts, and especially everything that you did to help and guide us through everything. You have become a friend of our family and we look forward working with you again when we sell this house and buy our next one!  - Jason and Crystal Felix - Silverlake - Pearland, Texas

Kathye, I would like to thank you once again for all the help you provided me during my move.  Especially taking care of the little items at the house like the repair investigations, utilities, lawn care, etc.  You were a big help and made my move a whole lot easier.  If you ever want to make a trip to China, look me up and I will see if I can get you some good tours and direct you to all the fun places in Beijing and the surrounding areas.      S. Ruder, West Oaks - Pearland, Texas

"....happiest client in the world!"  Barbara S. - Green Tee - Pearland, Texas

Kathye, thanks so much for being such a great agent.  We were so pleased with the job you did for us.  Our house sold in such a short amount of time and you were able to switfly and efficiently handle all issues that came up with the buyer.  We think you're awesome!  Doug and Sherree Tharp - Dixie Woods

Thanks for your patient and persistent efforts in selling the house.  I appreciate your professional and caring advice in trying to get a good value for the house.  Also, I liked your prompt and detailed response whenever I had questions.  It was a very pleasant and smooth experience.  All the best to you and your family too!  Derick Misquitta - Silverlake - Weatherford

Kathye, just wanted to say that both my wife and I appreciated very much your effort in selling our house.  Despite a difficult market you were able to find the right buyer.  We do think your familiarity with the Pearland neighborhoods and your experience in the business were a big plus for us.  We depended on your guidance on matters that we were not fully familiar with (for example, the negotiations and closing formalities).  Thanks for making the very last step in our move overseas a very pleasant experience.  Best wishes.  Vinay Wagh, Exxon Mobil & Silverlake Resident

I've often said that the only fun part of buying a new home is picking it out.  After that, everything is downhill.  But in this case, the fun part of buying my new home was my real estate agent, Kathye Warfield.  I picked her out of the newspaper because of her wonderful smile, and she lived up to everything that smile promised.  She was friendly, punctual, professional, knowledgeable, and most of all, truly interested in seeing that my husband and I bought just the right home for us.  I would highly recommend Kathye to anyone who is in the market to buy or sell a home.  It has absolutely been a pleasure doing business with her.  Gail W. - Southdown - Pearland, Texas 

Riley and I can't thank you enough for helping us with our home.   We are really enjoying it.  I need to take some pictures and send them to you.  Everything has worked out wonderfully - thanks.  Andy O. - Tomball

There are a lot of Realtors out there like Kathye Warfield.  They have great personalities, love their job, and have a great sense of their market.  What sets Kathye apart are two things:  her honesty and her ability to make you feel as you are the most important client she has.  I really believe I could trust her with anything!  My husband and I love Kathye!  Mayra Castorina - Westwood Village Seller & Pine Hollow Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye was very professional; knew the market, knew how to assist me in getting top dollar...also simple things like how to show the home.  She was very patient as I went through anxiety (will it sell?  oh me, oh my - the sky is falling.)  Through it all, she kept her eye on the target - selling our home on time and within the appropriate price range, to a qualified buyer (no surprises at closing).  Then, on the purchase of our new home, she knew how to avoid the common pitfalls and knew amazing facts about escrow, tax issues.  She kept her humor and professionalism even as I worried a bit.  She was reassuring, calming, knew the ropes...but never condescending - always truly empathetic and patient.  What a trooper!  Susan Sherrouse - Silverlake Seller and Lakes of Edgwater Estates Buyer- Pearland, Texas

 There are a lot of Realtors and probably some good ones, but mine, Kathye Warfield is the BEST!  Due to a pending divorce it was imperative I sell my home as soon as possible.  I had only talked to Kathye via email about our common interest - the Pearland Oilers, and even though I had used other Realtors previously I gave Kathye a call.  From our very first meeting to the actual closing, only about 45 days later, she assisted me in every way possible.  Her vast knowledge of the real estate market, her kind, caring and friendly personality, and her ability and willingness to assist her clients in any way they need make her tops in her field.  Kathye made one of the worse times of my life much easier and I would strongly recommend anyone buying or selling a home to work with Kathye!"  Bobbie Bryant - Dixie Woods - Pearland, Texas 

I would like to tell you about a good Realtor that is on your staff.  Her name is Kathye Warfield.  She really impressed me with her friendship and knowledge.  I gained a lot of respect and trust in her, and come to think of it, she remiinded me of one of my aunts that I'm very close to.  Could you please commend her on super work and for helping us get a house that we just love?  You should be honored to have a person like her on your team.  Steve C. - Westwood Village - Pearland, Texas 

We were very happy to have chosen Kathye Warfield to take care of the sale of our home.  She was very professional, efficient, courteous, yet caring and concerned for us.  We would highly recommend Kathye to anyone in the market to buyor sell their home.  Karl & Alma Schneider - Banbury Cross - Pearland, Texas 

Thanks so much for all your help in selling our house! We miss Texas, but we'll stay in touch with you.  Robin B. - Sunset Meadows - Pearland, Texas 

 Thank you so much, Kathye, for helping us sell our house. You always made us feel like we were your only client! We still can't believe how much you did that was "above and beyond" the call of duty! If you're looking for a realtor that really, truly cares about her clients, Kathye is it! Our only regret is that when we buy a new house in NY, Kathye won't be able to be our buyer's agent.  Lisa and Allen Firstenberg - Silverlake, Ashford Cove - Pearland, Texas 

 Hi Kathye! Thanks so much for all your help. Let us know if we can ever return the favor. We are so happy in our new home!  Darlene B. - Pearland, Texas 

 Your site is great and you have so much information to offer a homebuyer in the Pearland area. I will tell all my co-workers and friends about your website. Thanks.  Kelly R. - Brookside, Texas 

 Thanks Kathye. We love the house.  Tracy Williams - Pearland, Texas 

 We had to sell our house from out of state. We called Kathye and she gave us a great sense of professionalism and honesty. I would recommend her to anybody in the Pearland area.  The Billingsley's - Edgewater Estates - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, thanks for your sponsorship of the signs at the football games. I know it means a great deal to the boys.   Susan - Pearland, Texas 

Thanks for going above and beyond. We love the house!  John - Alvin, Texas 

Kathye, you are priceless! The entire process -- selling, buying, and finalizing -- went so well! Thank you for just being you. Your attitude, perseverance, and knowledge of the industry enabled us stay informed and make wise decisions. Thanks for everything!  Kathryn Bernhardt - Willowick Seller, Sunset Lakes Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, you are a true professional. We very much appreciated your advice on how to prepare our home to show, your availability for answering our many questions, your knowledge of the Pearland market, your attention to detail of all aspects of the sale, and finally your positive spirit which made us feel comfortable through what can be a very stressful transaction. Thanks for making our home selling experience go so well.  Christine S. - West Oaks Village - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, I just wanted to say "Thanks" one more time. We couldn't have done it without you. We are so happy and this house is perfect.   Beverly Scott - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, Congratulations on being the top producer for RE/MAX Top Realty. We're all proud of you!  Robin Hodges - Pearland, Texas 

I want to let buyers and sellers know they will never find a more caring, creative, energetic, enthusiastic and perisistent realtor anywhere than Kathye Warfield. That's it in a nutshell. You cannot possibly find better.  Rupert Chambers - Southdown - Pearland, Texas 

You did a wonderful job and we're very pleased. We will call you again when the time comes. Carla Johansen - Pearland, Texas  P.S. The carpet looks nice!

Dear Kathye, Mark and I want to thank you for helping us to make our dream of homeownership a reality. You have been so helpful in explaining the entire process to us and have kept us informed every step of the way. Your guidance and sound advice have made what can be a difficult process, a pleasure. We especially appreciate your prompt communication and attention to detail. You quickly responded to all of our inquiries, both by phone and email. We feel like we have made a new friend in the process and would highly recommend you to anyone considering buying or selling a home. Thank you and blessings.  Mark & Kristen Wiesenborn - Sunrise Lakes - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, I appreciate your making this process a very pleasant experience. You were knowledgeable, organized and patient throughout this entire process! I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy a home to use you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything! Talk to you soon.  Rebecca Hayes - Southdown - Pearland, Texas 

Hi Kathye Tom and I just wanted to tell you one more time what a pleasure it was to work with you! I told Barbara NOT to call any other Realtor when she gets into town. Thanks for everything. You were great!  Sherry & Tom - Dixie Woods - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye - you were wonderful to work with. Thank you so much for helping us sell our home so quickly and for helping us to find our new home. You made the process seem so easy.  Scott P. - Silverlake Seller and Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye is a gem!! Her knowledge and professionalism make buying or selling your house a great experience!  Deborah Merritt/Adam Mitchell - Lakes of Highland Glen - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, from our first visit to your website to the successful closing on our house, we knew we had chosen the right real estate agent for us. Thanks for your timely responses, help with dressing our home, understanding all those documents and most importantly, thanks for the friendship that we developed along the way. Best of everything to you and we'll definitely call you when it's time to move up one more time. Chris and Monica - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, Thanks so much for all your help throughout the process of selling our home. Your advice on preparing the house for showing was great and we really appreciate your quick responses to our many, many questions throughout the process. We really enjoyed working with you.  Dan and Ellen Taylor, 3211 Amerson, Silverlake-Pearland, Texas 

Kathye, Jackie and I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank You" for all your help in assisting us in selling our home!! We are very grateful for the speed at which our home was sold. We definitely have to attribute your helping with the "stager" and in the photos that were taken for our online file. We had an amazing amount of traffic at our house, which really helped us pick the right offer. You answered all our questions in a timely manner, even if our questions seemed "silly" to us. We look forward to working with you on our new house. We hope all is well.  Kirk - Banbury Cross Seller, Village of Mary's Creek Buyer - Pearland, Texas 

Kathye - You have been the best thing for our relocation from South Carolina to Texas. I don't know how we would have found a house in such a short time. You have gone beyond what is ever expected and I HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate. Thank you again for all your help with our relocation.  Charles and Amber Watts - Silverlake - Pearland, Texas