A Word from Kathye:

Kathye Warfield

This website is filled with information about buying or selling a home, but it doesn't "make it happen".  It takes a seasoned professional to give you the in's and out's of an area, the long-reaching effects of your loan, the details and requirements of a contract, or the assurance throughout the transaction.  As a long time resident of the area and with the BEST domains for marketing, my goal is to be the "Preferred Realtor".   My early years were spent living near Hobby Airport and my parents moved to Pearland in 1970.  Yes, I actually grew up in Pearland!  This is my home, this is my community and the people I help become my friends.  One thing you may notice about me is that although my production is one of the highest in our area, you won't hear me saying "I'm the best, I've sold a gazillion homes, pick me, pick me!"  If a production level agent is important to you... then rest assured that we are a very high level production team.  I prefer to be that solid agent in town......the one that you would refer to your children, your brother, your sister,  or your grandmother!  Sometimes transactions aren't always easy.....there may be divorce situation, an heirship issue, tax liens, etc.  I have experience in these types of transactions and can help make it easier.  Another unpleasant topic is foreclosure.  If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure, let me know.  It's possible we can work with the lender and get the house sold before that happens.   I believe in building a lifelong relationship with my clients and I'll be here long after the sale!  If you're looking for ways to create more visibility and exposure to a house you want to sell, or if you want tips to help navigate through homes for sale, we can help!  The strategy that you can use for these could make a difference in your sale...or purchase!  By nature, I'm a "big picture" person, but through training the first twenty years of my career (by engineers and chemists!), I pay attention to the details...because they do matter!  Many of my former colleagues have called me to help them buy or sell because they know how I work, how I negotiate, how I present good and not-so-good news and that I will help them through the process.  

We all know the real estate industry is becoming more challenging every day.  I promise to stay ahead of the game, knowing that many "deals" are lost, not because the agent was incompetent or didn't care, but because of inexperience.  When you're selling, I constantly research the market to ensure your home is priced effectively.  With innovative marketing techniques, your home receives maximum exposure.  One way that I am able to do that is with my domain names..........all pointing to and showing your home as a "Featured Listing"!


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If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling...call or email me today at 281-485-1946 or kathye@PearlandHomes.com   I'm always glad to help!